Chick-fil-A, Politics and a Spaceport

My apologies for the long delay, but this summer has been busy. I'm still learning how to juggle it all. 

It feels like I've been reporting all over Georgia, from Dalton, Macon, Augusta to Kingsland, from breweries and a baseball stadium to the State Capitol and City Hall (many...many times).

I've recently been assigned to cover the elections here in Georgia, so that will probably consume my near future. However, I've managed to squeeze in a few non-political longer features, too.

Here's one, that I filed for NPR nationally, about Chick-fil-A's new test foray into the mealkit market in Atlanta. I think it's a fascinating business story about companies' attempts to figure out how to give us customers exactly what food we want, how we want it, in a way they (and we) can afford.

And here's another feature about a proposed spaceport in Camden County, Ga., right next to the Florida border. I went down to do some reporting on the mainland and on Little Cumberland Island and ended up with tons of information on this story about a county taking a big bet on an economic development idea. I got it into about 4 minutes on the radio, but fair warning, my digital version went beyond 2,000 words....

Anyway, if you need me over the next few months, I'd recommend locating one of the candidates for Georgia governor. I seem to be basically following them around. (You could also tune into 90.1 WABE!)

In the meantime, here are a random mix of reporting scenes from my first summer in radio: