Another Look at Tesla's Semi Trucks

The recent reveal of Tesla's semi truck models has gotten a lot of press, if you haven't noticed. However, that company is far from the only one working on a zero emission semi, and according to some of the people in my story below, Tesla might even be at a disadvantage in comparison. 

This piece spun out of something the CEO of Navistar, a legacy truck manufacturer told me when I interviewed him upon their recent year-end earning's release. It was fun to dig into the topic a little bit deeper.  

Photo: Tesla

Photo: Tesla

Navistar International Corp. Chief Executive Troy Clarke has a message for tech entrepreneur Elon Musk: There will be more electric trucks on the road by 2025 from Navistar than semi-tractors from Musk’s Tesla Inc.

It’s all about familiarity, comfort and established customer base. Navistar’s International brand already holds 11 percent of the market for trucks in the heaviest Class 8 weight segment, according to research firm Statista.

Tesla, which introduced its semi in November, has collected hundreds of reservations. But it has yet to build a truck for a customer. It plans to launch production in 2019.

“Customers know us, and they know that when we give them a truck it gives them a guarantee that this truck is going to serve their needs, because we understand how our customers make money,” Clarke said in an interview with

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